Friday, March 25, 2011


A good facial mask serves a variety of different functions: mud masks absorb oil, hydrating masks moisturize dry skin and perfecting masks replenish dull skin.

1. Use your fingers to spread a thin coating of the mask evenly over your skin. Avoid eye area and lips.
2. Leave mask on as long as directed. Try not to laugh or smile while it's drying.
Remove a mud mask with a hot, wet washcloth. Pat face dry with a towel.

Wipe off a moisturizing or replenishing mask with a tissue.

Peel off a gel mask, starting at the forehead and moving down.


Putting on lash extensions like a professional can dramatically improve your appearance and attract the opposite sex. Eyes are our most important feature on the face and if it looks good, it make us look more attractive to the opposite sex. This article talks about how to put on the best eyelash extensions like a professional and make it look natural.

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    Putting on eyelash extensions like a professional can greatly enhance your eyes because most of the time natural eyelashes are usually not dramatic enough to make your eyes stand out. Eyes are the most important feature on your face, it is the window of your soul. Making it stand out is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

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    There are many false eyelash extensions on the market, sephora, mac both have really good false eyelashes. One of the best is called Sephora Brand False EyeLashes, which is sold on Sephora's website.

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    Curl your eyelashes with Shu uemura's eyelash curler. Shu uemura is a makeup brand loved by many professional makeup artists and is worth every penny because of what it can do to your eyelashes. You can buy it through sephora. Put on couple coats of mascara after eyelashes are curled.

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    You want to trim the false eyelash extensions before gluing it to your eyes. Put it on your eyes and trim off the excess portions. Sometimes the false eyelashes are way too long and that it will give you a very unnatural look. Trim off accordingly.

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    Place a thin layer of eyelash glue on the base of the false eye lashes. It is easier if you use a tooth pick to apply the glue. Let it dry a little bit. When the glue starts to turn clear, put it on your eyes. Place the false eye lashes at the base of your own lashes and press it at the inner and outer corner of your eye.

  • 6
    Hold it there for 10 seconds to make sure that the false eye lashes are now on top of your real lashes. Put on another coat of mascara on your real lashes to blend in with the fake ones for a more natural look. Match the color of the mascara with the color of the false eye lashes. For example, if your false eyelashes are dark black, then I recommend Maybelline's great lash blackest black mascara.

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    Use either a pencil or liquid eye liner right at the inner corner to connect and blend the false eyelashes to your eyes.