Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Stylish

Go for a dress in a new silhoutte.

Pick a dress with an edge.
Look for pieces with sharp details like military inspired shirt dress.

Enrich your everyday ensembles with rich fabrics like leather or silk in feminine shapes.
Keep accessories minimal.

Dont save maxi dresses for night.

The key is to mix up your basics.
Be unpredictable and throw on a vest over your blouse and pair it with shorts.

Forget simple shifts.
Stand out from the pack in black with something colourful and fun.
Add accessories for more dramatic look.

Pick a piece that maks a statement.
Instead of doing the monochromatic look, top it off with something striking.

Look Gorgeous

Look polished to perfection wiyh just the right amount of colour on your face.
After moturiser apply concealer and foundation, dabbing outwards to achieve a smooth finish.
Use a shimmery black liquid eyeliner to draw along your upper lashlines and lenghten your lashes with mascara, then curl them for extra curves.
Draw your eyebrows to even out the pair, and add a hint of blusher on your cheeks.
For ultra pop look that begs to be noticed, pucker up with a striking lipstick.

Smouldering eyes suggest bad behaviour in a good way.
Apply a deep shade of blue over the lids.
Smudge light turquoise shimmer on just the upper lids, making sure the flash of colour ends near your lashes, on the outer corners of the eyes.
Next, use an electric blue eye pencil to line lower lash lines and soften the edges with a sponge-tip applicator.
Its all about transperancy and lightness, so make sure the layer the tones in light brush strokes .
Go easy on the mascara as too much will make the look too done.

Pink eyes have inspired fear since kindergarden, but rest assured, you wont cause such a scarel Strong magenta to hot pinks actually flatter most skin types.
To keep from looking red-rimmed, colour the entire lids in a pastel shade and smudge a darker pink along the outer parts of the eyes.
Add a touch to gold shimmer on the middle for contrast.
With eyes this intense,play down the mouth with a matte, nude lipstick.

Eye liners are so versatile.
They can give you the apprearance of wider eyes, a feline look or add a little drama.
Eyes are make feminine and that much more sensual with a thin lining of black kohl pencil followed by liquid liner on both top and bottom lashes.
Curling the lashes with a mascara wand will open up the eyes, especially for those with lashes that grow straight up downfoward.
With a swipe of mascara, its literally an eye opener.

5 Steps to health

Place textured dots on your mouse and spacebar to tantalise your fingertips.
Stimuling your fingertips stimulates your brain too.
You can also buy plush or velvet cushions for your chair to provide comfort and back support.
Moreover, slippers with massaging nubbies help pamper your feet with a massage.

Decorate the space around you in bright colours. For example pink colour, it is visual aphrodisiac. The arounsal will dilate your pupils, increase blood flow and set off pleasure centres in the brain, which result in a more alert and focused you.

The right scents can relieve stress and make everything enjoyable as smell is the strongest senses. Scented candles and incense are wonderful to fill your home with frangrance. Aromatherapy is a great stress buster too.

Music can increase your productivity. Have a small MP3 player with you, everywhere you are.

Wavy bobs are hot right now !!!


The cut should end above your shoulders, so ask your stylish for one that maximise your facial features.

Whether layered, fringed or better off without.

While working product through your hair, scrunch your curls as you go along for more volume.

Skirt suits for every shape

This usually means you have a skinny waist with relatively proportinate hips and chest.
A straight skirt and jacket will be the most flattering silhoutte for you.
Avoid anything pleated or full as it will enhance your curves, making you look bigger.

The straight cut, which helps minimise the extreme curvy shape, is your best choice.
Your jacket and skirt should be tailored and trim.
Stay away from heavy fabrics and stick with dark,solid colours.

Anything bulky and boxy will overwhelm your smaall physique.
Short skirts visually lengthen legs, but pick ane that straight and not full.
The latter will only make you look shorter.

To create the illusion of curves, emphasise your waist.
Instead of a straight cut skirt and jacket, opt for A line skirts that hug at the hip and flare out at the bottom, or pencil skirts that taper at the bottom.

Bright Geometrics


If your geometric print items is flashy sequinned or metallic
-let it speak for itself. Dont go over the top (OTT) by over accessorising or pairing it with other print.

Have only ONE geometic print item. If you wearing a geometric print top, keep the bottom or accessories in solid colours.

Remember, bigger prints will make you look bigger. So, the bigger you are the smaller the print that you should wear.

The best way to wear geometrics is in basic silhouttes.
Anything too fussy will make you look bigger.

Friday, January 14, 2011

4 NEW STYLE 2011

Laid-back sophistication
Slouchy on slouchy is the way to go. What's the key to keep to just one outstanding piece- have it in a showy colour, or with a stricking print motif or featuring interesting details such as bow or ruffles. Your top should fall just at your waist, Heels look best with the ensemble but try shaking it up with a pair of brogues!

Tailored for fun
Who says tailored pieces are only for the boardroom? You can wear it daily!
A cropped top looks less serious.
For day, team with funky accesories like a colourful feather detailed belt
For night, go for a pair of edge booties with a dramatic feather brooch or headgear.

Cool and carefree
Pair a humble tee with an evening skirt and make it totally edge. For a birthday party, go to street glam by mixing a striped sporty top with a bling bling skirt. Pair it with a dainty pendant and metallic shoes or go beyond the norm with a bright pair of sneakers and a kitschy bag.

Clash course
Try mixing big polka dots with tiny polka dots. The style rule? Choose cute pieces, for instance, flared short skirt with a slouchy shirt. Pick accesories that are out of ordinary, like a vintage bag or on OTT pair of shoes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Want to make the most out of your lip gloss??
Try these tips using lip gloss to hightlight other features of your face.

Use gloss on your eyelids to make them truly shimmer. This will make the eyes pop and draw attention without the need for heavier make-up.

Mix together with loose pigments or crused shadow to create your own cream eyeshadow.

Apply a little bit of gloss along the arch of your brow as a highlighter. This will add definition and give your eyes the appearance of depth.

Using clear lip gloss on the eyebrows can help groom and keep them in place, giving a pretty unexpected shine too.

If you are feeling particularly drained and want to spruce up your look with a healhty spark, put some gloss on your cheeckbones for a dewy, fresh faced glow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Face Slimmers

If you want to make your face look slimmer without shedding the weight, the right hairstyle can do that instantly!

Top hairstyle tricks that slim your face :

Short hair adds pounds to your face. That said, anything longer than the chest also does the same. Experiment with hair length that are just right for your face and play with styles within that length.

Face-framing layers are an excellent way to remove that weighty appearance of the face. It also helps create the illusion of length for both the hair and body.

Ever notice that your forehead never gets wider? If you're gaining weight or naturally have a round face, a straight-cut fringe will instantly highlight that fact, just like what horizontal stripes do to your body. A side swept fringe that drapes the face and is asymmetrical is a better choice. It helps draw attention to the eyes instead of the cheeks.

When hair is pulled back into severe ponytail, any extra fat on the cheeckbones, jaw and neck area is highlighted. When wearing a ponytail, have it soft and high with strands pulled down around the cheeckbones to frame the face. You can also play with the type of fringe that looks best with your bone structure.

It not only adds glamour and modernity to a haircut but also softens it. Adding lighter tones at top of the head and fringe accentuates height and fullness in the upper section of the face rather than at the width.

Avoid straight lines in haircuts that enhance the face width. Soft curves around the cheeckbones and eyes are more attractive, and because we have a tendency to look at nose and eyes, you will instantly look more appealing!!

Add length to your face by teasing your hair up into a high, vertical bun. The added height "elongates" the face.

Twice as pretty?

This outrageous, two-tone style is a great way to reveal your fun personality!!

The basic styles
Multiple tones are most suitable for those with long or medium length hair. Here are three ways to do it :

-Upper and lower layers
The upper layers of the hair are usually coloured with a lighter shade, while the lower layers are of a darker tone.

-Coloured tips
Adding a contrasting colour to the tips of a shorter do is a great way to draw attention to a fun flip or razor cut

-Chunks and stripes
A quick way to show off your fun attitude is to add chunks or stripes. Adding extra colour to frame the face is particularly popular, either in the bangs or along the cheeks.

For a dramatic look, pair two contrasting tones dark and light that match your personal style

How to ace the vest??

When layering with a vest, make sure you look proportional. Choose a blouse with the right length. Having too much of your shirt showing at the bottom can make you look frumpy.

Wear it as a top by itself with fitted or flared pants. The trick here is to avoid wearing a tacky or short vest, showing off too much cleavage or midriff.

Accessories!! If you're wearing a vest with a plain top, use the top as a blank canvas and add a bold necklace.

These stars show,how to work this great layering piece into your day and night ensemble.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

History Of Fashion

Couture Beginnings
The first designer of fashion was Charles Frederick Worth in the year 1826-1895. In this period,many design houses began to hire artists to sketch or paint designs for the clothing. The tradition of designer sketching out the clothing designs instead of presenting completed clothing on models to customers began as an economy.

Early twentieth century
Around 20th century,fashion style magazines began to include photographs and became influential than in the future. The talented illustrators were Paul Iribe, Georges Lepape, Erte, and George Barbier. They drew exquisite fashion plates for these publications. The most famous of these magazines was La Gazette du bon ton which was founded in 1912 by Lucien Voges and regularly published until 1925.

The outfits worn by the fashionable women of the Belle Epoque,as this era was called by the French, were strikingly similar to those worn in the heyday of the fashion pioneer Charles Worth. The curvaceous S-Bend silhouette dominated fashion up until around 1908. The S~Bend corset was very tightly laced at the waist which forced the hips back and the drooping mono bosom was thrust forward in a pouter pigeon effect creating an S shape. Then, it become more straight and slim, partly due to Paul Poiret's high-waisted, shorter-skirted Directoire line of clothes.
Another indispensable part of the outfit of the well-dressed woman was the designer hat. Fashionable hats at the time were either tiny little confections that perched on top of the head, or large and wide brimmed, trimmed with ribbons, flowers, and even feathers. The most sought-after names of the time were Caroline Reboux, Legroux and E. Lewis.

Early years of 1910s the fashionable silhouette became much more lithe, fluid and soft than in the 20th century. Poiret's clients were at once transformed into harem girls in flowing pantaloons, turbans, and vivid colors and geishas in exotic kimono. Simple felt hats, turbans, and clouds of tulle replaced the styles of headgear popular in the 20th century. Jacaques Doucet and Mariano Fortuny were the most influential fashion designers of the time. By 1915 fashionable skirts had risen above the ankle and then later to mid-calf.

Between the Wars
The great couturier Coco Chanel was a major figure in fashion at the time. Chanel helped popularize the bob hairstyle, the little black dress, and the use of jersey knit for women's clothing and also elevated the status of both costume jewelry and knitwear. French designers of the 1920s were Jeanne Lanvin and Jean Patou. The style of Jean Patou was never mainstream, but full of originality and characterized. Fair Isle patterns became very popular for both sexes. Heels, at the time, were often over two inches high and helped popularize the two-tone shoe its one of her trademarks.

Mid-twentieth century
In spite of the fact that so many fashion houses closed down or moved away during the war, several new houses remained open, including Jacques Fath, Maggy Rouff, Marcel Rochas, Jeanne Lafaurie, Nina Ricci, and Madeleine Vramant. During the Occupation, the only true way for a woman to flaunt her extravagance and add color to a drab outfit was to wear a hat. In this period, hats were often made of scraps of material that would have otherwise been thrown away, sometimes incorporating bits of paper, and wood shavings. Among the most innovative milliners of the time were Pauline Adam, Simone Naudet, Rose Valois, and Le Monnier.  During the Second World War, Vera Maxwell presented co-ordinates in plain, simply cut outfits and also introduced innovations to men's work clothes. Bonnie Cashin transformed boots into a major fashion accessory. The couturier Christian Dior created a tidal wave with his first collection in February 1947. The collection contained dresses with tiny waists, majestic busts, and full skirts swelling out beneath small bodices, in a manner very similar to the style of the Belle Epoque.

The two most innovative fashion designers in 1970s France were Kenzo Takada and Sonia Rykiel. Sonia Rykiel designed her first pullovers with reversed seams. She created a whole range of clothes that were extremely individual and yet could be worn almost anywhere. The Rykiel style, dominated by fluid knitted garments, dark blacks, rhinestones, long boa-like scarves, and little crocheted hats, conquered the American market, and even to this day Rykiel is considered by many Americans as the true successor of Chanel. Punk influence also one of the type of fashion. With their ripped t-shirt, Red Indian hairstyles, Doc Martens, bondage trousers, and chains, the punks exported an overall feeling of disgust around the globe.

Late twentieth century
Fashion shows were transfigured into media-saturated spectaculars and frequently televised, taking high priority in the social calendar. The two French fashion designers who best defined the look of the period were Thierry Mugler and Azzedine Alaia. Thierry Mugler produced fashion designs that combined Hollywood retro and futurism, with rounded hips, sharply accentuated shoulders, and a slight hint of the galactic heroine. Japanese designers such as Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto prevailing fashion such as  flat shoes, no make-up, reserve, modesty, and secrecy were the hallmarks of this modern look. In American fashion the seductive, clinging style of Donna Karan and the casual sophistication of Ralph Lauren are the most  influential. Success of a new wave of American sportswear was the Perry Ellis label, established in 1978. The extreme popularity of the Adidas sports label, which achieved an incredible level of street cred in the '80s, inciting the hip hop group RUN DMC to release the single 'My Adidas' in 1986.


In the '90s the designer label  Prada became a true creative force in the fashion industry. The Milanese company was first established in 1923, two years after Gucci, and like Gucci, it was a firm that sold high-quality shoes and leather. In America three of the most influential fashion designers of the time were Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. Michael Kors set up his own business in 1980. However, it was not until the Nineties that the designer reached the peak of his popularity. His knowledge and consciousness of trends enabled him to produce simple well-cut garments, whose sophistication and elegance appealed to a whole new breed of wealthy American customers drawn to the new vogue for minimalist chic. Marc Jacobs is one of the most notable American designers of the period in that, unlike many American fashion designers in the past, he was not so much the co-ordinator of a mass-produced garment as a designer in the European sense of the word. One of the most promising talents in the fashion industry at the time, the LVMH (Louis Vuitton-Moet Henessy) group offered him the job of designing a line of ready-to-wear to compliment the de-luxe products of luggage specialist Louis Vuitton in the late 90s. In Italy, Gianni Versace with his brilliant, sexy, and colorful designs, and Dolce and Gabbana with their superfeminine and fantastical style. Rap music was a prominent influence on popular and street fashion during the early- and mid-Nineties. Followers of hip hop adopted huge baggy jeans, similar to those worn in American prisons, with big patterned shirts and heavy black shoes.

Vintage clothing, especially from the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties became extremely popular and fashion in this era. Tighter fit clothing and longer hair became mainstream for many men and women.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of trend OR hidden in plain sight?

From time to time, people dare to try a style or fashion that used to be the trend years before.
This, at times, will spawn a new trend in fashion which, in time will be copied or followed by others.
For example Alladin's slipper.Some people might say that it is an old fashion.Is that true?
Yes,it is but with that old slipper we can create more fashionable and attractive ones.
Teens are the group that like to wear these slippers. To some people, it is not just about
fashion but also for their comfort, which is why some prefer these slippers compared to heels.

Polka dots are also a revived trend in this era of fashion. It used to be the reigning trend
in the mid 70's that took the world by storm. Now, it is back and hotter than ever.
It can be matched with either jeans or skirt.Many other revived fashion from the 60's,
70's and 80's have been inovated to have a more modern look.There are only so many
styles of clothing in existance, so it stands to reason many of them reappear in a slighty
new form again and again. New trends, inspired by fashion from years gone by,
are suddenly appearing on the catwalks, celebrities, filling shops, boutiques and even
genuine vintage pieces are being resurrected from antique clothing shops.
Designers have always taken inspiration from the past and recycled fashion trends adding
a new contemporary twist - for example the 1970s looked back to the loose, flowing styles
of the 1920s for inspiration.
Here are some examples of them :

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Traditonal Clothing

In Malaysia, we have many cultures such as Malay, Chinese, and Indian.
Each have their own traditional outfits. On special occasions, people from each
ethnic group wear their traditional clothes. For Malay, they will wear Baju Kurung,
Baju Kebaya, Batik, Songket, and Baju Melayu. It does not have any boundaries of fashion,
which means that the wearer could customize the design of it according to their liking,
For example, nowadays, people design Baju Melayu's fusioned with chinese buttons and
also Kebaya's with sequeen material. Some also use old english material designs to make
Baju Kurung's. The traditional clothes for Chinese women is the cheongsam  (literally long dress)
or qipao. Qipao can be designed either long or short. Indian women wear the sari. The salwar kameez or Punjabi suits is popular with northern Indian ladies. The kurta is the traditional attire
for men on formal occasions.

Back in the old days, different races use to design their clothing with dull and plain colors.
However, in todays modern world, the designs are much more interesting as the inovation
of fashion and style has been applied to traditional clothing aswell. People nowadays use
2 to 3 materials for one suit, and add colorful beeds (manik) to enhance the look of the traditional attire.

Hence, people could wear traditional clothing in many trendy and fasionable ways.

Official Opening

Hi, welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to fashion and how life revolves around it. In today's world, modernization has paved the path for drastic evolution of style, from bulky gowns to evening dresses, from flats to heals, from pointy footwear to boots and sneakers. It would take up the entire blog to list the changes and growth of fashion and style. To make things simpler and brief, these pictures show how fashion and style has evolved through out the years, effecting not just outlooks, but the comfort of the wearer.