Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Face Slimmers

If you want to make your face look slimmer without shedding the weight, the right hairstyle can do that instantly!

Top hairstyle tricks that slim your face :

Short hair adds pounds to your face. That said, anything longer than the chest also does the same. Experiment with hair length that are just right for your face and play with styles within that length.

Face-framing layers are an excellent way to remove that weighty appearance of the face. It also helps create the illusion of length for both the hair and body.

Ever notice that your forehead never gets wider? If you're gaining weight or naturally have a round face, a straight-cut fringe will instantly highlight that fact, just like what horizontal stripes do to your body. A side swept fringe that drapes the face and is asymmetrical is a better choice. It helps draw attention to the eyes instead of the cheeks.

When hair is pulled back into severe ponytail, any extra fat on the cheeckbones, jaw and neck area is highlighted. When wearing a ponytail, have it soft and high with strands pulled down around the cheeckbones to frame the face. You can also play with the type of fringe that looks best with your bone structure.

It not only adds glamour and modernity to a haircut but also softens it. Adding lighter tones at top of the head and fringe accentuates height and fullness in the upper section of the face rather than at the width.

Avoid straight lines in haircuts that enhance the face width. Soft curves around the cheeckbones and eyes are more attractive, and because we have a tendency to look at nose and eyes, you will instantly look more appealing!!

Add length to your face by teasing your hair up into a high, vertical bun. The added height "elongates" the face.

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