Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Traditonal Clothing

In Malaysia, we have many cultures such as Malay, Chinese, and Indian.
Each have their own traditional outfits. On special occasions, people from each
ethnic group wear their traditional clothes. For Malay, they will wear Baju Kurung,
Baju Kebaya, Batik, Songket, and Baju Melayu. It does not have any boundaries of fashion,
which means that the wearer could customize the design of it according to their liking,
For example, nowadays, people design Baju Melayu's fusioned with chinese buttons and
also Kebaya's with sequeen material. Some also use old english material designs to make
Baju Kurung's. The traditional clothes for Chinese women is the cheongsam  (literally long dress)
or qipao. Qipao can be designed either long or short. Indian women wear the sari. The salwar kameez or Punjabi suits is popular with northern Indian ladies. The kurta is the traditional attire
for men on formal occasions.

Back in the old days, different races use to design their clothing with dull and plain colors.
However, in todays modern world, the designs are much more interesting as the inovation
of fashion and style has been applied to traditional clothing aswell. People nowadays use
2 to 3 materials for one suit, and add colorful beeds (manik) to enhance the look of the traditional attire.

Hence, people could wear traditional clothing in many trendy and fasionable ways.

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