Thursday, January 13, 2011


Want to make the most out of your lip gloss??
Try these tips using lip gloss to hightlight other features of your face.

Use gloss on your eyelids to make them truly shimmer. This will make the eyes pop and draw attention without the need for heavier make-up.

Mix together with loose pigments or crused shadow to create your own cream eyeshadow.

Apply a little bit of gloss along the arch of your brow as a highlighter. This will add definition and give your eyes the appearance of depth.

Using clear lip gloss on the eyebrows can help groom and keep them in place, giving a pretty unexpected shine too.

If you are feeling particularly drained and want to spruce up your look with a healhty spark, put some gloss on your cheeckbones for a dewy, fresh faced glow.

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