Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look Gorgeous

Look polished to perfection wiyh just the right amount of colour on your face.
After moturiser apply concealer and foundation, dabbing outwards to achieve a smooth finish.
Use a shimmery black liquid eyeliner to draw along your upper lashlines and lenghten your lashes with mascara, then curl them for extra curves.
Draw your eyebrows to even out the pair, and add a hint of blusher on your cheeks.
For ultra pop look that begs to be noticed, pucker up with a striking lipstick.

Smouldering eyes suggest bad behaviour in a good way.
Apply a deep shade of blue over the lids.
Smudge light turquoise shimmer on just the upper lids, making sure the flash of colour ends near your lashes, on the outer corners of the eyes.
Next, use an electric blue eye pencil to line lower lash lines and soften the edges with a sponge-tip applicator.
Its all about transperancy and lightness, so make sure the layer the tones in light brush strokes .
Go easy on the mascara as too much will make the look too done.

Pink eyes have inspired fear since kindergarden, but rest assured, you wont cause such a scarel Strong magenta to hot pinks actually flatter most skin types.
To keep from looking red-rimmed, colour the entire lids in a pastel shade and smudge a darker pink along the outer parts of the eyes.
Add a touch to gold shimmer on the middle for contrast.
With eyes this intense,play down the mouth with a matte, nude lipstick.

Eye liners are so versatile.
They can give you the apprearance of wider eyes, a feline look or add a little drama.
Eyes are make feminine and that much more sensual with a thin lining of black kohl pencil followed by liquid liner on both top and bottom lashes.
Curling the lashes with a mascara wand will open up the eyes, especially for those with lashes that grow straight up downfoward.
With a swipe of mascara, its literally an eye opener.

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