Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of trend OR hidden in plain sight?

From time to time, people dare to try a style or fashion that used to be the trend years before.
This, at times, will spawn a new trend in fashion which, in time will be copied or followed by others.
For example Alladin's slipper.Some people might say that it is an old fashion.Is that true?
Yes,it is but with that old slipper we can create more fashionable and attractive ones.
Teens are the group that like to wear these slippers. To some people, it is not just about
fashion but also for their comfort, which is why some prefer these slippers compared to heels.

Polka dots are also a revived trend in this era of fashion. It used to be the reigning trend
in the mid 70's that took the world by storm. Now, it is back and hotter than ever.
It can be matched with either jeans or skirt.Many other revived fashion from the 60's,
70's and 80's have been inovated to have a more modern look.There are only so many
styles of clothing in existance, so it stands to reason many of them reappear in a slighty
new form again and again. New trends, inspired by fashion from years gone by,
are suddenly appearing on the catwalks, celebrities, filling shops, boutiques and even
genuine vintage pieces are being resurrected from antique clothing shops.
Designers have always taken inspiration from the past and recycled fashion trends adding
a new contemporary twist - for example the 1970s looked back to the loose, flowing styles
of the 1920s for inspiration.
Here are some examples of them :

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