Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Steps to health

Place textured dots on your mouse and spacebar to tantalise your fingertips.
Stimuling your fingertips stimulates your brain too.
You can also buy plush or velvet cushions for your chair to provide comfort and back support.
Moreover, slippers with massaging nubbies help pamper your feet with a massage.

Decorate the space around you in bright colours. For example pink colour, it is visual aphrodisiac. The arounsal will dilate your pupils, increase blood flow and set off pleasure centres in the brain, which result in a more alert and focused you.

The right scents can relieve stress and make everything enjoyable as smell is the strongest senses. Scented candles and incense are wonderful to fill your home with frangrance. Aromatherapy is a great stress buster too.

Music can increase your productivity. Have a small MP3 player with you, everywhere you are.

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